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Fish and Pest Control for the home

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I have always done an annual pest control in my home (my body corp does the outside grounds) but the last couple of years since keeping fish I have not had it done as I was afraid to with 2 aquariums in the home.

Well I booked in for it to be done this Saturday (along with a termite inspection) but now am worried.

I mentioned this to the person and they said it is "pet friendly" and he and his wife have two tanks and they just don't spray the treatment near the skirtings near the tanks. He also does a ladies house that has 20 tanks.

Anyway, my tanks are in cabinets with hoods & I run an airstone/pump & Eheim canister filter.

What preparation should I make? Do I just turn off the air pump and throw a blanket over the tank and make sure he does not treat near the tank? (Trouble is the living area is open planned).

Or do I just get him to treat the outside & maybe the garage & bathrooms?

I dont have a pest problem, but do have a few bugs coming in sometimes - and after not having it done for a while I thought it likely is about time I did?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Shouldn't be a problem, you say you've got hoods just keep them closed and cover them up with a towel or sheet if your worried. Just ask them not to spray anywhere near the tanks/cabinets if you don't have a pest problem within the cabinet or immediate surrounds. I have three aquariums at my place, two are uncoverd and never had a problem when i do it.

Buy the way it's always nice to know what chemicals they are using and just keep a record for yourself. Then when you get it done again you can request for these chemicals (active ingredients not just the name on the bottle) to be used if you were happy with the work or need to use somebody else.

For all the people that buy some of those kits where you can spray it yourself think twice as some of those chemicals are pretty nasty and i would't want them in my place. Research the active ingredients first if you are going to buy one as some of the chemicals whilst there is still approvals (government approved) to use them have not been used by a lot of people in the industry for years as there are much safer chemials to use. I see chemicals that i have not used in over ten years in some of those spray packs but i havn't looked at them for a while now, just shake my head when i see them.


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Thanks Nev, that is great advice. He did say they are pet friendly chemicals and I shall get a name for it. I assume it is a good idea for me to turn off the air pump too.

I just might avoid the areas where the tanks are altogether. We have open plan downstairs (in a townhouse unit) so I might just get the entries done (front door and sliding door areas) and just get the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms done - that is often an entry point for pests I suppose anyway. Might just throw a blanket over my tank. although of course the heat is a problem, but maybe if I run the air con for the day and night it is done that may help.

Perhaps I should reschedule for winter LOL

Great advice on the use of chemicals though - some of them are pretty toxic that is for sure.

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If you have a problem get as much done as praticable

If you have an accessable roof void or under floor area always make sure they treat these areas unless the body corp. gets it done. Roof voids are notorious fo spiders, cockies and silverfish (as well as other creepy crawlies). Don't know how may times i've blown a roof void then whilst treating outside you see cockies everywhere covered in the powder i use and if the pesty didn't do these areas i certainly wouldn't use them again.

and just one more thing never never ever get your place gassed unless you have no other choice and i mean no other choice.

I'll tell you a story of a friend who was gassing a joint and the spray gun that atomises the gas spat out a couple of proplets on a photocopier and when he went to wipe it off it smeared all the writing and images on it and had melted into the top of the photocopier

I think from memory people have died when applying it as they have tripped or fallen over and there mask has been dislodged you only have a few seconds before it has a severe affect on the body. I am not talking about the pyrethrin gas although i still wouln't use it if there were aquariums. Just better to use alternatives.

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I am a pesty for hitman, I do 1100 houses a year and have never killed a fish, bird, just cover your tank with a towel , if you are really worried turn pump of for 30 mins, and dont spray above it, ive got 20 tanks and my fish are all well. dont stress about it. It isall good with these precautions, regards nick

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I got a coupon from cudo.

For the full termite inspection & pest control is $229.

I am in a two story town house.

Is that reasonable?

Here is the link of what they do. Reading it, should I be worried about the dust and gel thing?


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