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EOI 4 footers

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Hey Guys :o:o

Have 2 x 3 teirs and a 2 teir that im thinking of selling or swapping for smaller drilled setups (2 or 3 footers)

Setup one is

L x W x H

2x48x18x18 Blue background 1 drilled hole in each with bulkhead and stainless steel strainers

1x48x15x18 painted blue background no hole

All on a very heavy pine stand all with lids .

setup 2 is

L x W x H

3x48x15x15 black paintd background 2 holes with bulkheads in each tank 2 tanks have been repaired due to cracked side glass all hold water and currently have fish in them!!

All on a pine stand with adjustable feet.

Setup 3 is

L x W x H

1x48x15x18 clear tank with lids no background with stained hood and pine stand (can stain to match if u like) room for a 48x15x15 underneath

All tanks are in fair to good condition some are less than 9 months old

all come with substrate of some kind and a heater if u want them

Pm me a resonable offer and i will reply as fast as i can

Text or call me if u like makesure u leave ur number if i dont answer an ill call u back when i can.

I may be able to get pics if u ask for them????

Any questions just ask

Thanks Chris

0424188479/0417077900 :):):):fish:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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