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Fairly new to the aquarium scene I have a Gourami question I had 5 gourami 2 males & 3 females in a community tank with a bristle nose, some snails & a couple of dwarf gouramis I just introduced a couple of electric yellows. 1 of the male gourami has always been a bit aggressive towards the other fish as well as some of the other gourami except 1 female I have set up another tanks & put the male & female in that tank hoping they may breed.

I have been told to keep water movement to a minimum so the male can build bubble nest how do you guys filter the tank?

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Thanks the sponge filter I have in the tank has been there for 2 weeks now without any fish while I was cycling the water. How do I make sure there is not too much water movement so bubble nests will survive. Sorry if this seems very basic info but most posts I have read don't state the basics

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