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Fluval Pressurized C02 kits 88gm & 20gm mini

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Hi All,

We now stock the Fluval range of Pressurized C02 kits.


- Regulator valve: for the effective control of CO2 output

- Disposable CO2 cartridge

- CO2 diffuser: to efficiently dissolve CO2 in aquarium water.

- Bracket: to securely install the cartridge to the side of the aquarium.

- Connection Hosing


Age of Aquariums - C02 Units/Hardware

Priced from $39.95 for a 20gm Mini kit up to $99.95 for a 88gm kit.


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Mm heard mixed reports bout these. But i think it all depends personally on the user and the time it you play with it to get it working right. I personally will buy one when I look at doing my planted tank.

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