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Hi all.

I have been "lurking" for some time now and thought I should say hello.

Great site and I am learning heaps.Even bought some fish through the site

and they are still going strong!No better place to buy than direct off the breeder!!..

Was wondering if the gold coast has an auction soon? :?:

Cheers SANGA

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Gidday FishHeadSoup??.

Yep I have Got :

4 common Bristlenose

about 9 albino Bristlenose

5 albino longfin bristlenose

5 peppermint Bristles

Blackskirt Tetras

a few Bolivian Butterfly rams

pepper Coreys

Breeding Angel pair +Approx 70 young at about 20c piece size(any body want any?)

and the old common Guppy... :fish:

Thats about all :egeek2:

Any news about the auction :?:


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