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Synspilum Tankmates

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Sold my pair but they ended up in a 10 ft

With snooks,toga,dovii,jags,fennys etc and were breeding in there to guess it depends on the size of the fish & tank etc and at what stage there added.

Hope this helps a little

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In my opinion, these sorts of questions are difficult to answer. The fish can be somewhat variable in personality, and this is going to depend upon how they are likely to go, so for any answer, you will have people who will have done the opposite and made it work.

On the basic level these guys are big fish, you are talking a 35 cm fish here full grown. Once full grown and if a pair decide to spawn, they will quite likely smash everything else in the tank. Hence any tankmate had better either be pretty big themselves, or fast, and another tank to save fish is not a bad idea.

To a degree you can control behaviour by preventing spawning behaviour by either removing the opposite sex, or keeping the temperature lower (The fish equivalent of a cold bucket of water). However the colours of many if not all big cichlids become truly magnificant in a fish readdy to breed. You would be dudding yourself out of that experience by not letting them breed.

If you decide right I am getting a pair, and looking for tank mates some of the big aficans with size and speed may be a good choice, something like silver sharks maybe, or clown loach.

You will get some other opinions here and elsewhere, my main tip is make sure you have a plan in place of things go wrong. A big fish can kill another with one well placed blow.


Picture of my old Freddy. - Nope that is not a scientific name, that was his name. One of the only fish that actually got a name in my house. This picture was taken on her arrival home, the plants didn't last. She used to draw blood when I was reaaranging her tank.


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