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FS: AquaStart 320 - 2 available

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Hey I have Aquastart 320, (SS Holden ute) Green for sale with a built in light, under-gravel filter, background pic. It comes with some gravel, rocks and some ornaments, ph conditioner, some flakes too get you started. Tank is 28lt and just over 1ft squared for size Only thing you need to do is add fish $70

I have a silver one also for sale. same as tank in the photo but needs a light globe. It is missing a plastic tube extension for the under-gravel filter but it really isn't needed and works fine without it or buy one for a few bucks from pet shop. This is sold as 'tank and background only '. I have a background for this tank which is included but you have to cut to size etc $40

or both for $100

PM me if interested


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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