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FS: 4 foot Fish Tank + Stand/cabinet + Hood

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FS: 4 foot Fish Tank + Stand/cabinet + Hood

Fish Tank

1215mm x 385mm x 450mm

10mm glass on base, 6mm glass for sides

All glass is VERY scratched, definitely NOT display quality.

Comes with 3 out of 4 of the glass lids. (3mm glass)

The lids and the top of the tank have a bit of white stuff (lime build up i think) on them. I have heard vinegar is a good safe way to clean this but haven't tried.

Small chip on very top edge at front of tank, doesn't effect tank at all and cant be seen behind hood.

Holds water, no leaks, no cracks.

Has been used as bristlenose breeding tank the last year or so.

Also included is the piece of Styrofoam to sit the tank on.


1270mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 635mm(H)

Stand can fit a tank about 15mm longer than this tank.

The structural part of the stand is pine and there are parts made from mdf and chipboard.

There is no back on the cabinet. Also, no shelves. (i always wanted a little shelf just to make better use of the space)

There is heaps of small marks all over but the stand is solid.

I would sand it back and paint the whole thing a gloss black and it would look very nice.


Sits on top of tank.

Total height of hood on top of tank on top of cabinet is 1155mm.

There is heaps of small marks all over it.

Sand it back and paint it gloss black and it would look really nice.

Nothing else is included as I have other tanks that could benefit from the light and gravel etc.

Pick up from Deception Bay.

Contact Andrew via phone or text on 0422 175 373 or PM. (no calls after 8:30pm)


I can assist with loading into a ute / truck / trailer at my end.

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