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lots for sale

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hey everyone i have for sale

1x 2 tear stand with 2x 2x15x15 tanks on it $100

3x 4x2x18 $100 each tank

2x 2x20x20 $50 each tank

4x 2x18x20 $35 each tank

1x 5x2x2 stand very good nick $90

1x 2x1x1$15

1x 1x1x1 tank $5

1x 2x15x15 $20

1x 4x18x18 3 tear stand $50

1x 4x2x2 3 tear stand $80

18x heaters bulk buy $100

11x air pumps bulk buy $85

some tanks have lids and some dont and most tanks are in very good nick but more then welcome to come veiw wat i have here as most fish are gone just send me a pm and i will get back to you or my number is 0435950995 thanks for looking

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I know this is my first post, but from the many forums I've been part of one thing is always the same. The more details you have the more likely your item is going to sell. Price is the main one, condition is another biggie, quantity helps and for fish tanks dimensions is something people want to know. Also pics really help.

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