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hey guys the water in my tank keeps going cloudy was wondering if any one has had the same prob fish only get fed twice aday and no left over food is in the tank its really piisn me off i have never had this befor thanks in advance blade....

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Hey, I'd say it's excess ammonia or nitrates feeding a bloom you may have not enough filtration or have somehow killed of some bacteria in the filter somehow... I have found ya can't really get rid of a bloom with water changes try some kind of product that boosts the good bacteria ( the name escapes me right now) or try extra established canister for a bit or even an established bio sponge. And cut the light down to the point of not even turning it on for a bit.. Maybe even no food for 3-4 days would help.

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lol ok they are decent foods so probably not ya cause.

I'd say you are just feeding more than your filter can deal with. May be a case of giving the filter sponges a squeeze out in water taken from the aquarium to clear out the sponges a bit and get them eating ammonia more efficiently. Then easing back on feeding for a bit.

These sort of cloudy water blooms dont usually clear up over night, but they do clear up without you having to resort to any sort of drastic action.

As long as ya water surface is nice and disturbed to keep oxygen levels high, its not a massive emergency

rather just an ugly aesthetic problem.

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easy life, geoliquid, acuclear and clarity..... all are useful to clear up water short term.

So if ya got a photo shoot tomorrow they would be very handy!

but long term the best approach usually is to get conditions as good as possible for the sticky bacteria that lives on aquarium filter media (sponge and noodles and matrix etc).

That way the sticky bacteria eats all the ammonia, leaving none for the floaty (cloudy water) bacteria.

No left over ammonia = no food for the floaty bacteria = starved dead floaty bacteria = clear water.

You can actually see these mass bacteria blooms in nature. Usually caused by either floaty bacteria feeding on a massive algae bloom or on lots of rotting vegetation washed into the water in a big flood.

Those of you unlucky enuf to be living in ballina a few years back would remember this event very well

everything died. not just fish. oysters, snails, worms,crabs........ and wow did it stink!




and thats why keeping oxygen levels high is so important

Overwhelmed by putrid fish smell | Lismore News | Local News in Lismore | Northern Star

but as far as dead zones go globally

that was a baby!

Dead zone (ecology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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It sure is.

Actually a problem that has been getting worse since WWII ended. That was the point where excess nitrates usually used in explosives were diverted to use as agricultural fertilizers........ as from there runoff caused massive nutrient spikes and algae blooms in rivers.

The thing is, cloudy water bacteria can breed so very quickly, but its not as efficient as the sticky filter bacteria.

So the trick is the look after the filter bacteria, and let them take care of the cloudy water bacteria.

They hate each other, heck they are locked in a battle over the same food ~ ammonia.

The trick is to tip the scales in favor of the sticky bacteria.

help them win

and the result is crystal clear water!

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