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Hey everyone.

Stumbled across this forum today and thought I would register as I like the idea of being in a Queensland aquarium forum rather than an Australian or international one. I've been keeping fish for about 3 or 4 years now and a few months ago bought some more tanks to get into breeding. At the moment I'm in the middle of rearing my first batches of molly, guppy, swordtail, platy and kribensis fry. I'm also working on zebra danio, peppered cory and siamese fighters but have not had success yet. As I'm only new to the breeding thing I'm keen to pick up some handy tips and info here.

Outside of fish I'm a 31 year old father to a 9 month old little man and I work in the hospitailty industry.

Just about to put the little man to bed now so I can finish my water changes tonight. Hopefully talk soon.


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Welcome to the forums Simon, you definitely sound like you're getting into it.

My advice for Peppered Corydoras would be to try feeding live blackworms leading up to and after a waterchange. They may not spawn if they're in a community tank though.



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