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3ft Complete dry MARINE set up - Tank, stand, hood, sump, plumbing, chiller, quad T5

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Due to moving and new job commitments I've come to the conclusion to pack up my tank. All live stock is gone. Tank is still dry. It's a 3'x15"x24" on a stained and sealed stand with an open top hood that fits the light.

The light is a horizon quad T5 unit with dual fans at one end , 2 blue, 2 white tubes. It also has 6 blue LED's on a speperate plug. All only 5 months old

The chiller is a Hailea 150A, 1/10HP (rated to a 400L tank) that's only 4 months old, still with 8 months warranty and the original box and packaging. It also has a 4 month old 2000L/hr aquaone pump

The return pump is a 3600L/hr aquaone power head, 6 months old

Sump is a 3 stage Refugium set up, skimmer and chiller pump in first, deep sand bed and macro algae in second, bag of matrix and bag of coral rubble in third with return pump.

Skimmer is a hang on red sea prizm, not sure on literage but it handled my set up fine.

2 x 3000L/hr wave makers

Also have an API marine master test kit and API reef master kit, both basically brand new.

More photos on request

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