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FS: ADA Aquasoil

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Hi guys,

I have some ADA aquasoil. Approximately 60L of it. This has come from four different tanks over the previous few months so it is hard to say the true age of the stuff. Some is 6 months old and some is 5 months old and some is 8 months old and some is a year old, some is a year and a bit old, some is only three four months old. It would still be somewhat potent as I was managing to grow ERIO SP REDS, erio shigas, erio cinerums, erio parkerii, and Belem and HC and Japanese Hair grass and Tonina in it like no tomorrow so I am assuming there is nothing wrong with the oldest ( 1 odd year stuff) and still VERY potent for such amazing success with that. The ADA will have ADA Iron Bottom mashed up in some as there is a good packet of ADA Iron Bottom amongst it, and some of the other ADA powders if still within the soil. The tanks they came from was well fertilized so there is obviously life left in it.

QUANTITY: 60 odd Litres

SIZE: as said above

PRICE: $50

LOCATION: As per my Address in my profile

PREFERRED CONTACT: PM DO NOT REPLY VIA THIS THREAD I WILL NOT READ IT (due to too many people flooding the site on a daily level)

CONDITIONS: pick up only and bring your own buckets

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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