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aandtsociety gold coast BBQ & snorkelling collecting trip.

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Another aandtsociety collecting trip.

This time down to the south port seaway on the gold coast and it was a very good day.

This time we all got there a bit earlier and to have a BBQ off the back of Karls truck before we got in to start collecting something for our tanks.

The weather was spot on and the vis was around 15 metres.

There quite a few people in the water on this day and it was obvious why.

There were 7 of us there for collecting and 4 for the beach and relaxation on this trip and all joined in on the BBQ especially the ones collecting to get that extra bit if energy for the hunt.

The water we were collecting in varied from 15 feet to 50 feet as we went on a lengthy drift snorkel with the in coming tide to cover as much area as possible.

The needs of everyone were very diverse for there aquariums on this day and the pictures are of only a few species that were caught that day.

We mainly only take pics of the nicest creatures caught and the more common, we don’t bother with pics o them normally.

Two of us were there only for inverts, one for some varied algaes; two for some fish foods (cunji, etc) and the other two had freshly set up tanks, so they would take anything, so we all got into it, had a ball as we caught heaps of stuff for each other.





400 yards behind where this photo was taken,there is complete open ocean.

We have a great time with what we do!

I hope you enjoy seeing it.

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It certainly saves some money by getting them ourselves.

We went down last weekend and for years i have not seen a particular tang as a juvenile and i got two.

Very pretty,i didnt keep them,i gave them to one of the clubbies who has just started another tank,just love the chase and catching them..

I have never seen them in a shop as being an indemic species,they are shiped off shore and not sold here.

What they would be worth is anyones guess.

I will put them around the place as part of our march trips.

At the moment i am putting our past trips out there for every one to see!

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We were out wide near where the spill was a few days before the wind came up and this morning, it was as rough as this morning!

The spill was pushed in a east south east direction at the centre of moreton island(more or less) and the wind and swell being from the south east pushed it against the island and than north, so flinders was never threatened or the back of moreton only what was in that line.

Of course the sunshine coast was in that direction so that’s why it got it as well, it was obvious which areas were going get it.

Unless the wind had turned to the north or to northeast, than the northwest corner of straddie, amity and so on would have been stuffed, the gold coast was never under threat as oils, freshwater, mineral based fluids float on the surface so the winds govern it, unless there are no winds than the swell does it, or the current.

It was only a short ter term problem, the ocean would have handled that much oil no worries with out a lot of obvious deaths.

It is a shame it happend though,you should see the oil line on the point,honey moon bay and the below the light house spot,YUK!

The gold coast is as usual, busy as!!

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