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1ft cube journal

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hey guys got a 1ft cube last friday it runs a back sump sort of thing with a 480L/h pump and a hidden compartment for the heater so looks nice and tidy : )

but yeah a little bit of a rundown

Hardscape: dark river sand river stones and a bit of goldvine

plants: java moss, a little one at the front and a bigger one at the back haha not that good with plants lol

livestock: 6 harlequin rasbora, 3 corys from smiths forgot exactly what they are haha 3 cherries

looking to get a pair of apistos or wild bettas on sunday when i go to fish chicks : )

anyways heres some pics haha





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hey guys bit of an update as well

updating the fish list to

6 harlequin rasboras

3 of the corys

a few cherries

1 pair of apistogramma agazzisii double reds(thanks Jodi-Lea at fish chicks was nice to meet you and finally see your aquarium ive wanted to for ages haha)

and an L202 pleco

oh and also wondering what i should be feeding the L202 just so i know what i should be putting in there for the little fella

and heres a couple of pics of the new guys





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thanks mate :) im very happy with them for my first ones ive been wanting a pair of apistos for ages haha

but yeah pretty happy with these guys and i wanna slowly build up a breeding setup for a few different apistos now cause noone relly does them on the northside

but yeah also anyone that reads this what would you reccomend me to get for the L202 to be happy foodwise as ill go into smiths on tuesday to stock up on a bit more food and plant food so yeah

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i dont have L numbers but i assume they would take the same as normal plecos and bnose.

i feed mine vege pelets, zuccini and cucumber. just cut in half and then rubber band the veges to a rock to make it sink hth

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yeah ill go some more of the hikari wafers and i just looked on the net and they'll mainly just eat the rest of the food left over so i just give all my fish a decent feed before i turn the lights off :)

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