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spectrum, lava rock, bristlenose logs

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had a few pm's about info on spectrum, i just took it for granted people were aware of it...... :boggle:

they are 2.27kg buckets {the largest quantity it is available in}

the "general cichlid" formula is 1mm sinking pellets, 34% protein,

all of my breeders were/are {african and american} fed this for nice slow healthy growth rate,

brought out better colours, and females "fattened" up more before spawning, and bred more often

and it doesn't turn electric yellows "partly black" like other foods with other colour enhancing ingredients do.

and it doesn't cloud or dirty water too much either.

in the beginning i used sera and other food, but was never really happy with the others.

i used to think that spectrum was just very well marketed, with nice shiny labels, and it was just a load of bulls.hit,

but the results for me paid for the cost of the food easily.

the "grow" formula is i think .4mm sinking pellets, 50% protein - ideal for fry over 1cm. {perfect for angel and discus fry jaynee] :lol:

here's a link

http://nlsfishfood.com/index.php?option ... &Itemid=60

and no........ i am not on commision or have any financial interest in the product lol

just giving a product some praise that it deserves

regards darren

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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