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Interested in Eartheaters? EartheatersAustralia

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After many months of information and photograph gathering, research, and website development, ozarowana and I are proud to announce the launch of EartheatersAustralia, a community powered hobbyists guide to Eartheater species presently residing in the Australian trade.

What is EartheatersAustralia?

EartheatersAustralia is aimed at consolidating information that is quite scattered and also trying to get a general consensus as to which species of Eartheaters are actually here in Australia. While some species may still need a little work, the bulk of the website is complete and functioning. Please note that this is not a regular profile website; while it does provide information detailing how to successfully identify and differentiate certain species, it mainly deals with the availability of species within Australia. Photographs shown on each species profiles are all sourced from Australian hobbyists and information regarding the status of many species came to us as a result of many enthusiasts contributions to various major Australian forums.

Can you help?

You most certainly can and we welcome any hobbyists contributions towards the website. If you have reasonable quality photographs you would like added, believe certain information is incorrect or needs adjustment, or currently own a species not on the list, please contact ozarowana or myself via forums or email. If you run into any errors on the website please also feel free to contact us so we can fix it as soon as possible.

With Eartheaters starting to come back into fashion recently, we hope this website helps beginners and experts alike with their love of Eartheaters.


japes & ozarowana.

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