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Problem:-In the last week or so a white "powdery" growth has started to form on the roots of one of my plants and the drift wood it is growing on. It is also growing on the rocks in the submerged part of my trickle/sump filter. My Java moss also seems to be suffering from it.

My water is looking a little cloudy, but gets less cloudy the longer its been since a water change, which I'm doing about twice a week.

I'm hoping someone knows what it is and how to stop/remove it.



I've tried rinsing it off and scrubbing it with a toothbrush, but it comes back stronger.







Size of tank:-120x43x50

Temperature °C:-26C

Been running for:-2 months

Filtration:-Canister +Sump + Internal Filter

Fish in tank:-

10x Congo Tetra

5x Yoyo Loaches

3x Leopard Cory's

2x Salt&Pepper Cory

1x Siamese Flying Fox

1X Bristlenose Catfish

Plants in Tank:-Java Fern, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Anubias ???

Feeding:- Twice a day. Alternate between Flake, Blood worm, bottom feeder pellets, algae waffle, zucchini

Recent Medication Treatments:-none

Last water change:-Today

Water change:- Twice Weekly

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Bit hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like something similar I've had grow out of mopani rootwood before. The stuff I had got seriously munched on by my bristlenose, and eventually disappeared.

I've also seen photos of golden vine with something similar.

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