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Reedfish/ropefish and bichirs

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I have heard ropefish are around, I have owned them before.

I'm sure they would sell for quite a high price though.

Don't know anything about Reedfish.

Birchirs, well, that's another story, they are around, quite often really, but they do vary greatly in price depending on species.

Expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $400 for a senegal and up to $1200 for some of the other species.

Anyway, hope that helps, your best bet at finding them is on Petlink, but there is this one on here atm


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Rope/reedfish are the same thing, guess they call them ropefish in Australia. :P

But thanks a bunch for the info! Seems like they really are horribly priced here in the Aussielands lol. XD

the reason for the pricing is that they cant be legally imported into australia. i guess like any contraband people smuggle into the country................ a premium price will be asked as the jail time and fines if caught smuggling can be quite high :)

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