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Hi there! (Also need advice on 6x2x2 tank)

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Hi all, new to the forum here. :D I'm interested in all fish, but I have a particular liking towards catfish. Just because they look cool and all.

Anyways, where I live we're getting a new tank, according to my housemate's desc it's approx. 6ft x 2ft x 2ft. We're looking for stuff to put in it, with the requirement that they must be cool and... awesome.

So I kinda need some suggestions as what sort of out there fish (or even non-fish) that I could put in there. Currently I'm thinking of reedfish/ropefish, bichirs, perhaps axolotls, perhaps even a freshwater ray.

But still, I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff out there. So any recommendations?

We probably want to keep multiple fish tho, or one most attractive, awesome fish/creature, and then smaller ones to make it more alive. Or something.

Also, I'm prolly going to fill the bottom with white sand/similar material, and then have rocks and plants and stuff. And the someone a current flowing from one side to the other. Might that be a good idea/anyone tried that/where can I get all the materials/suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum. You have quite a few options with a tank your size. Most usual for a big tank is cichlids of some sort- they are hard, social, active, and colorful, and come in a range of sizes. Rays are interesting, but be aware they need quite a bit of care- their water must be kept very clean and maintained regularly, also, a single ray needs a lot of space- a 2' wide tank is not ideal. Axolotl are interesting, but be aware if you have them, you can't have ANY fish with them- even the smallest fish will eat their gills, and the axolotl will eat anything that will fit in its mouth.

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Ouch. >.o Well rays are definitely out of the question then, I did kind of assume the width would be too narrow. Though it was an approximation, so I'll check again when the tank actually comes.

Didn't realize the conundrum with axolotls either. XD That's kinda bad if it either eats other fish or gets bitten itself. Could they perhaps survive with catfish tho, at least the bristlenose varieties?

What about bichirs or rope/reedfish? Any idea about them?

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Birchirs are available every now and then- senegal birchir are most common and will cost you a few hundred, others will be...more. Here's a basic care sheet- The Senegal Bichir, Polypterus senegalus Profile, with care, maintenance requirements and breeding information for your tropical fish

I have not seen rope/reed fish advertised for sale, certainly not in a store..if one does pop up, prepare for a hefty price tag

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hey azedenkae...welcome to underwater madness qld style...you got alot of options with that size...you sound like you got eyes for catfish though so maybe look at a few larger guys..and some nice mid to top level guys...you could go the "biotypes" and show a cool under water world....say south american or natives....just look into the catfish you might like and then I'd aim at guys from the same region/enviroment and that can live in harmony(or at least bear each other ;))

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On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

I see that your interested in catfish amongst others, here at QLDAF we have a dedicated section to cater for them All Things Catfish

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;


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We hope you enjoy your time on the forum.


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Haha yeah, seems like the Aussielands (Qld) specifically gets the **** end of the stick, everything aquarium-related is so god darn expensive here lol. ><

Oh wells, thanks for the suggestions. :) I guess I'll wait for the tank first and see what best to do with it. :) Maybe turning it into a full on catfish-rium might be a good idea lol. :D

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Pretty cool catfish, though I'd prefer something more colorful.

Also, this will be out in the livingroom and isn't technically owned by 'me', so even though I'm a catfish fanatic, I doubt everybody'd be too happy with a tank full of them. xD Hence why I have to ask for suggestions lol, or else all I can think of is 'FILL IT WITH EVERY SORT OF CATFISH POSSIBLE'. ><

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Hi there Azedenkae <3 A big welcome to you!!!

You've certainly got some good taste in fish! Good job posting about it on here, as you can see we have lots of members with lots of advice and experience to share which will hopefully lead you to a great set up in your 6 footer :) I love those Birchir's too they're so odd looking lol

Check out the http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/dedicated-full-tank-shot-thread-10364/ thread.....there's loads of pictures of our members tank set ups and something might catch your eye to help you chose what set-up and fish you might like.

Have fun :P

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Lol have you looked at lung fish yet? They are amazing! It would be my dream fish but I don't think I would get one unless I had a house with a dam or something that I could put it in once it didn't fit in a tank!

But I do understand your catfish interest, I never knew about plecos before I came here and they are just amazing with their patterns and then like Salmontails which are so big and beautiful lol I'm even starting to love corys since I got a couple.. ....so many different ones and just watching them busy themselves sifting through my sand is adorable lol

And that's I guess how multiple tank syndrome starts! So many fish to love and so little tanks to put them in!

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Haha true eh, I mean even with just one sort of catfish there's already so much variation it's amazing, with so many different sorts of catfish it's just overwhelming. :P I guess it comes from the fact that everybody kinda wants one to keep their tanks clean, and then well... if one was to have one anyways, might as well get a nice looking one - and from there it all goes downhill in terms of obsession. XD

It'd be so great if one could have just one gigantic tank and throw them all in, but it'll prolly all end with one giant catfish or cichlid or something though... which... isn't so much fun. :/


Haven't looked at lungfish though.

Which reminds me, mudskippers might be interesting. XD *Goes to check on them*

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