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Sick banjo cat

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I have a banjo catfish which I presumed was suffering from bloat so I quaranteened it yesterday and treated the tank with clout meds.

Today its bloating looks a little better and I have siphoned out a little of the water out to take out parts of uneaten food.

Since it is sitting right in the front of the small tank I took the opportunity to take some photos.

On the enlarged photo, does that look like a couple of parasitic worms?

Should I do 30% waterchange, and gravel vac the worms out and redose with Clout or leave it a few days and maybe dose again then? I have never had to deal with worms before so I am not sure what I am supposed to look for or do.

Prior to the banjo occupying this quaranteen tank, a paki loach had residence and they eat anything which moves so it is unlikely they are planaria worms. Of course it could even just be poop but it doesn't look like it.

Affected banjo


Normal banjo


Close up of worms


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I found the Clout is a daily dose for 3 or 4 days so I have treated day 2 and held off the uv in case it negates any of the medication effects.

I have kept the lights off the banjo and only peeked in occasionally and he seems to have bucked up a bit and is getting around the tank although I don't think he's up to eating much yet. His color is improving so fingers crossed.

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It was in a small Q tank so the worms may have been already been in the gravel.

No more fish have been added to the tank and I am starting a small colony of cherry shrimp in the tank. They should clean up any nasties in there.

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