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Hi mate,

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

Here at QLDAF we have a dedicated section to cater for lots of different fish, plants, other animals and hobbies,

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;


Trading section guidelines


We hope you enjoy your time on the forum.


QLDAF Moderation Team.

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Hello Greigy :)

Welcome to our lovely forum!! I see you've had some interesting greetings already here :P Even one from our resident catch phrase fanatic Aquaaddict lol

So now you gotta tell us a little more about your fish interests! As for me well I've got some africans and a community freshwater tank...nothing fancy for me as I figure if i keep it simple then things will keep living lol Although the longer I stay here, and the more I'm seeing our members set ups and fish.... the more I'm wanting to branch out and try something new!

Anyway I hope you'll share your story sometime and have fun <3

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