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Fishy Money Machine up for sale $$!(Expresion of Interest)

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Hi guys I have 1 very unique and special fish breeding set-up that will make you Lots and lots of $$$$ and best of all.

• Automatic water changes (That’s right never do another water change if you don’t want to)

• Never have sick fish again! (Yep with this purpose built and current UV system your fish will always have 100% pure UV cleansed water in the system easy to maintain and even easier to clean)

• The system is customizable .. you can have 1 tank offline for specif breeding or isolation or you can have all tanks off line .. you can choose

• 2 systems are available you they can hold 12 4ft tanks each or upto 24 2ft individual tanks.

(to much to list but will put some things up and pics )

This system will last you forever ..will never rust!!! Built out of Galvanized steel and all using the best quality of parts and units.

Most tanks have Lids so fish can’t Jump

As you can see from the pics the system has Hard plastic hinges so will always work and will never fall back and smack you on the head when feeding or cleaning individual tanks and did I mention Never rust.

You can buy 1 or both sides ?

Its over to you .. NO holds No tourist only serious buyer and only by invitation

You will be swimming in $$$ once your fishies breed and pay back the initial investment in no time .. like it did for me!! And I paid way more than you will.

You will probably never see a system like this come on the market again as only 2 were ever built at a cost of over $50,000 +

The buyer will not want to sell once its up and running probably for ever either .. 

I am looking for expressions of interest at this stage as I still have fish in 1 of the systems and I am in no rush to sell.




I don’t expect to get anywhere near the $ its worth but will consider a fair offer .. all time wasters and ridicules offers will just be ignored.

I will consider selling 1 or both side as they are completely separate units ..

There is so much more to these units than what I can right or post pics.. those seeing it will well and truly realize the pot of gold it is…..

Or you can start up your own shop for a fraction of what you would pay.

I also choose to take the system off the market if a reasonable buyer does not come forth as I may get the bug for breeding again or if my wife needs another trip overseas  OOO did i mention they look AWSOME ALSO !!!!! NO WIFE WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LOOKS !!

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A couple more pic of some unique things about the set-up

As I have been getting heaps of questions .. i thought i may just put pics up to help

Hinges are acrylic so will not rust or crack


Taps also .. will last forever and tanks can be individually suited for sick tank.. breeding etc etc


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oo got heaps of spares for the system also 2 tanks already drilled ..

Got massive interest .. so don't be shy .. will have some fish comming soon once i offload the 500+ B/nose cats in the system .. + a couple hungii pep young ..

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Will keep posting pics of the system parts instead of replying to every mail. :)

Feet got to have good feet

The system uses these they are adjustable and rust proof


Adjustable inlets .. you can completly control water intake .. wicked idea ?


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Now winter is comming ... the system uses only 1 heater .. cheap as for the number of tanks

Also those asking The UV is current spares are available and Mortality rate is next to Nix .. You will get heaps more survival rate than any other setup ..


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Hi Guys

Have had heaps of Interest .. keep questions and offers comming .. I have a couple more Interested parties comming tommorow .. so if anyone is keen on more specifics or just interested in setting up your own system .. send me sms and i will try to keep posting to help.. will put some sump pics up soon and the UV system


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