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FS: 3x3x2

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3x3x2 aquarium for sale. Made by Mic at aquarium and petland southport.

Beautiful display condition with lids. Bracing on bottom of tank. Very strong and lovely tank, make great display.

Will get pics later.

Pick up only

$500 ono.

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Will get pics asap. Yes 2ft high.

Tank was on pallet racking. Tank does not come with stand.

Had water in it probably 5 months ago.

Can fill if someone is a real nitpicker and ONLY if a very seriously interested.

But it will hold water. In perfect condition, has been stored away from all elements.

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Tank is an awesome Display tank, no stand, with it, 3ft long, x 3ft wide, and 2ft high, was running off a system, sitting on dexion beams (pallet racking) this 3x3x2 was sumped and run with sarah's 8x3x2, its an awesome tank, brilliant footprint, for any types of fish, would make a gr8 breeding tank and or display tank, mock up and easy stand out of bessor bricks if u need to lol n put a false front on, cost u nothing,

sorry sarah, did that answer any Q's

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Thanks Sarah. Thanks Ray. It's a great tank by the looks of it.

Off to do some measuring. The pics have certainly wet my appetite. If I don't bite, hopefully this is a good bump to get others interested as well.

Well just to wet ya appppeeeeeetttttiteeeee more, if u are interested and wanna do a deal with Sarah, let me know and i will deliver the tank from her place up to you,,,,,,,,,

just to sweeten the teaser :)

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