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FS: 3 foot aquarium setup

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Complete 3 foot aquarium setup for sale. Includes:

- 3 foot aquarium

- black dalbarb cabinet and hood, with a small basket and hook inside the left cabinet door for additional storage

- Fluval 205 filter - works perfectly. Sponges are stained but clean - can easily be replaced. Includes manual and DVD.

- 300W heater

- T5 light with two globes and two spare globes.

- Small air pump

- 1/2 container Matrix filter media.

- 1/2 container PhosGuard.

- Remainder of container of Clarity, Prime (not much in there), various Flourish bottles, Algae Fix, Brighty K, etc.

- Magnetic glass scrubber and manual glass scrubber.

- Thermometer.

- Cleaning brushes.

- Small net.

- Remainder of Freshwater Master Test Kit (barely used).

- Plant tweezers and scissors.

- Gravel vacuum.

- 2 x 20L plastic jerry cans for water changes.

- Up Aqua black substrate also available if wanted, and some rocks for aquascape.

$350 the lot. Will throw in small glass tank suitable for isolation tank as well.


Local pickup ONLY - Springfield Lakes. Pls PM if interested. Only sellingmas I have a new baby so no time to look after my aquarium properly.

Pics here (excluding CO2 - this will be sold separately)

Aquarium For Sale pictures by lozbinator - Photobucket

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