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Complete Marine NOOB. Help me transition

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hey all,

been sniffing around the LFSs, and getting many different opinions. id like to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about from experience please.

i have a spare 4x2x2. Would like to keep a nice Moray in there, and a triggerfish, most probably clown. (loved these guys for years, and went snorkling with them alst year in fiji!)

can someone please tell me exactly what i need and the process involved in setting the tank up? lets pretend i know nothing and go from the start.

hopefully someone can spare the time to help me out!

thanks - simon

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These types of creatures are very easy to keep.

Though the eel will want to try to get out,there are ways to easily stop that.

The clown trigger is the weaker of the two though.

You should do a scollop cut to the end of your tank to make an over flow.

Over flow into a filter bag than a basic skimmer.

Than flow to a home made sump.

Firstly make a two layer plenum and up to an algae scrubber at the begiining of it than a dry section based on artificial media than a pump section at the end and pumped back into your tank.

You can make all of it your self as we all do and have total success!!

Oh this style of filtering will sustain all life not just the robust creatures you want to keep,so that at any time you can go to the supposedly hard to keep corals as such.

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