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Selling up

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lots of thing for sale

make an offer

1kg of New life Spectrum cichlid formula 1mm pellets

2 x 3 foot lights, one is a really white light, and one is purpleish

5L of glass noodles (filter media) AquaWorks

2 x 1L boxes of JBL Filtax Micro mec

1 300w Jager heater

1 2x1x1 tank

Ehiem 2213 canniester filter

6x2x2 tank, stand and hood display qaulity, missing some lids due to my oscar smashing them

3x15x18 or similar size (tank only) has all lids

need to sell the fish before i can sell the tanks though so stay tuned, make an offer or pm me if you want pictures of any of the items

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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