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Setup and fish for sale

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Hello all,

Want to sell tanks and all of this fish in one hit hence very cheap.

3 colonies of excellent quality electric yellow breeder(50-60fish) plus 40 at 6-7cm already holding, 150+? at 5+cm, 150+? at 2 - 3cm, bristlenose for each tank. all up fish worth more than what I want for the lot, heaps ready to sell.

In brief tanks are 1 *2000, 2 *1800, 3 * 1000, 3 * 500 all plumbed back to a 1600 sump. Tanks on 2 Steel stands, perfect for half a single garage.

Will throw in a few Aqua 1 Cannisters, 1*2200 and 1 2400. heaps of other stuff inside tanks.

Good air flow, good filtration, ready to make some coin if someone has a few spare hrs a week to devote.

Not interestred in time wasters, this is worth a whole lot more than what I am asking ($1800) so no need to bargain. If you know fish and know what it costs to setup something like this and are in the market you will know its a bargain.

In Nerang if you want to view



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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