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WTS: Tangled/Root Driftwood

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Hey guys,

Selling off my possibly tainted driftwood that I mentioned in this thread. I don't want to downplay how potentially dangerous this is, however the only response I got was from someone else that had no problems with it. If you've got the facilities to soak or bleach this wood you'll hopefully be interested as they're very nice pieces.

Wood sinks on it's own however they've all been out of tanks for a few weeks now so you'll have to weigh it down for a while I imagine. Majority if not all of the tannins will be leached from the older piece but the new ones will have a bit left in them.


Quantity: 3 Pieces, 1 was in my tanks for 9 months, the other two are basically 'new'.

Piece 1

Dimensions (Approx - LWH): 78x44x35CM


Will fit in a 3x15" footprint tank.

Piece 2

Dimensions (Approx - LWH): 62x60x22CM


Suitable for 2' wide tanks.

Piece 3

Dimensions (Approx - LWH): 60x21x11CM


Location/Delivery: Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Can deliver for a very small fee ($5 North, $10 South) to Brisbane if it means I can get rid of this. I'm coming down on Saturday 28th March if you're interested.

Pricing: $70. Paid double that for it and two of the pieces are 'brand new' - no receipts unfortunately.

If you'd like to contact the store they're sold from and ask them about the quality of the wood and whether they'd take it back because you think there is something wrong with it, you can PM me for their details. I'm selling because I no longer have room for the wood, and it's just sitting on top of one of my displays as an ornament.



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