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Hey Aquaholic,

As always your input is appreciated. I've been considering this for some time now, but haven't run it past any of the other administrators.

Here is what I think:

Merge Technical/Products with DIY into a section called 'Hardware' or something: many of these posts will go hand in hand with one another and given many fishkeepers endeavours to keep costs down and find cheaper solutions to expensive products or problems.

Merge Beginners and Welcome Forums and include a brief new description.

Make the Catfish, Rare or Unusual, and Breeding sections sub-forums within Freshwater: Most of the Pleco keepers on the boards will use planetcatfish or plecofanatics for their information, and the Rare or Unusual section doesn't see much action. Breeding is reasonably used, but should fit in quite well to the Freshwater section.

Leave Cichlid Discussion in the main section as it's becoming more popular now that it's not at the bottom of the forums, and most forum members primarily keep cichlids.

Might make these changes now and can revert them if necessary.

In regards to forums sharing members and such, you'll find the community decides what works and what doesn't anyway, as I'm sure you're aware. Most enthusiasts will (hopefully) post informative articles on the multiple websites they're members of. It's my personal opinion however that this forum isn't about informative articles for aquarists, it's about bringing together the Queensland (mostly South East) community. The useful posts that do get put up and answered by members are of course fantastic, as it's helping locals develop further into the hobby, and the more articles and resources we can provide for the members of this community the better. It's hard to look past the size of the trading sections here compared to everything else though, apart from General Aquarium Discussion - which covers the auction discussion ;)

Let me know what you think of the proposed changes, I'll run them past the other mods.

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Yea agree some really good ideas there,

Personally im open to all ideas, i think its important for the forum to evolve and know that although i set it up in the beginning its not really mine, its everyones, so go ahead and make the changes japes, the old KISS principal applies.

And if everyone hates it we can always change it back anyway.

As for the other forums sharing, im all for it, and you will never see a link or post to another forum removed (dont post a link to every post you have on other forums) from here, however alot of other forum owners do get quiet personal about this, and in many cases I can understand as they have put alot of time into building there sites up.

But at the end of the day no one makes money out of a forum, so we should all stop treating members like customers.


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