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EOI: 1x 17cm+ Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" Male

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Can't really believe I'm doing this, but I have for sale my quite large male Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" variant 1.

Absolutely stunning specimen, very attached to this fish because it's so perfect. Will only sell to an established colony so it can reproduce, and is the reason for sale as I don't have the space at this stage to keep an adult colony of my own.

Sale type: EOI - I reserve the right to not sell, or choose who they go to.

Type: Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" Australian Variant 1 (Link)

Quantity: 1

Size: 17CM Total Length not including trailers, possibly larger. Approximation.

Age: Approximately 18 months.

Pricing: $PM Me

Reason for Sale: Would like to see him go to a larger tank with an established colony, 6x18+, he'll be a bit cramped in my 4x2 footprint. Growing out smaller S. leucosticta and he can be quite aggressive - with my A. heckelii going on Saturday this may cause issues.

Necessary photo spam. All photos other than the last were mid-late January 2009.





March 8.


My Location: Up whoop-whoop in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, just off the highway.

Contact: Reply, PM, or Phone/SMS 0421 187 453

Delivery?: Coming down on Saturday. $5 Northern Suburbs, $10 Southern Suburbs.

Shipping?: Probably not.



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hi mate! what a beautiful fish!! i am really interested in starting up a colony! just wondering if you can point me in the right direction about getting some smaller fish to start a colony? I keep manly natives but have a 5ft display tank in the front of the house and would love to have these fish on display. thanks greg :)

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i know this was ages ago, but i bought 3 of these young guys at 3-4cm each, they are now 12-15cm each and have been living in a 3ft upgraded to a 4ft and they are still going healthy 5 years later. they are my favourite fish and so pretty, i bought them at $22 each, how much would they be worth when they are mature a few years old?

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I have no idea on the price but just wanted to say it is great to hear of someone taking pride in their fish. It is also refreshing to hear of someone growing them up without onselling them within a few months. :D

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