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aandtsociety marine species island collecting trip

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This trip that I am showing is one of the main club trips and it was in November last year.

On this trip the club paid for a rental on the island and some basic supplies and everyone came backwards and forwards as they wanted over the three days that we had the house.

We got the house and biological filter and storage tubs ready early Friday at the house and made sure the gas bottle had plenty of gas in it for each night’s veranda BBQs.

It worked out well; some came over one day some another and some stayed the whole three days.

Before we went over we worked out which areas we would cover each day and what we wanted from each area and took the orders for what fish and inverts from each clubby.

It is best to work out a system when you collect, if you know the area, so you maximise the areas covered and the correct species wanted.

We are very selective for our hobbies, when we can be and over there you can be.

We didn’t get a lot of tank life as we were mainly there to see it all and have ball.

The pics aren’t of all that we got, but it gives you an idea of what we get on our trips.

The first pic is of the place were we stayed.

The second is the sunset four houses from where we stayed.

The next is the friendly neighbours in the tree out side the kitchen window each morning.

The next is a couple of copper bands and pineapple fish we got.

The next is a few tube worms we got.

The next is one of the lionfish we got.

Then there is another lion fish.

A couple of banded shrimp as well.

Plus a cuttle fish.

I hope you enjoy seeing our adventures, it is just a shame we only started taking pictures recently.

The club has been doing collecting trips in one form or another since the late 1920s.










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