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f/s Purigen

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A total of approx. 4 litres of GENUINE Seachem Purigen,

Split into approx. 8 x 1/2 kg GENUINE Seachem bags,

Those that would have already used this product would agree that this stuff is truly amazing,

Removes organic waste, this stuff always kept my nitrates as low as possible, and keeps your water crystal clear.

$60 per 1/2kg bag {including bag}

after about 2 months use:


the first soak in bleach to restore purigen, and you can see the sh.it it removes from water:


after the last soak in bleach, and its ready to go again:

{after rinsing out bleach of course}



Regards Darren

0419 724 766

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Depends on tank volume leapin7, 100ml is rated to treat 350-400L I believe, but having a little less doesn't tend to make a difference, and neither does having way too much.

I imagine 2-4 100ml bags would do quite well in an Eheim Pro2 if you can fit it, depending on your tank volume.

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