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My new tank arrives! 8x3x2 reef

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Nice project ahead of you.

Will be checking this out for sure.

Do you have any pics of your other marine tank on here it looks pretty sweet too if not thats cool.

Found it. Now definatly cant wait to see this one done.

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You could-

Build an under tank filter,get some fresh ocean water,just some is all that is needed to seed your water with bio life to mutate into biological life forms, cycle it with a large hand full of marinara in a stocking bag for 10 days,take it out and wait for nitrites to peak and drop to near zero,now turn on your skimmer.

Start adding your live rock and corals once the nitrites hit near zero.

Add another small bag of the same and leave it in there some where in your system until it all dissolves away.

The filter!

You could whip up a affective pre filter on the back of your tank,simple to clean,2 mins per day.

Then an algae area of half the length of your tank over other filtration under the tank

growing on a false floor with a 20 mil gap under it of coral chunks on top of 40 mil in size,then 30 mil,then 15 to 25 mil,60 mil deep in thickness, ending with 6 inches of water above it and then grow some local racemosa on it.

Feed your algae by adding a half tea spoon of iodide to your water each two days and cull it as required.

Another prefilter easy to clean once each week after the algae area that will pass on tiny amounts of calcium and shells of planktonic creatures that combined will block any filtration further on with out pre filtering.

After that a dry section, cascaded waters, some where along the ways,an area or four of rubble-shell grit on a false floor,same gap under it as the algae area false floor,have the calcium media 4 to 6 inches deep and the water flows over the top of it and then exits.

Then a large external skimmer over flowing onto your dry section drip tray, a return pump and you now have better water then the ocean,always,no matter what!!!

You would have what most pay heaps for and never really hit the mark!

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Hi guys,

My name is Ben, and I currently reside in the beautiful Gold Coast, with my patient wife and two beautiful daughters. Since childhood I have always had a passion for aquariums. This passion (which quickly became addiction) reached its peak 5years ago when I acquired around 80 freshwater tanks breeding various and rare Tanganyikan cichlids. As you could imagine this required a substantial amount of time & toil, so when my wife fell pregnant, we decided to give it all up in return to try our very first reef tank. The last few years has seen me quietly lurking the forum while making my way through a few more marine tanks. Thus, with the arrival of our latest tank (my wife calls our new swimming pool,) The following will document our journey in to this new adventure. So please enjoy reading and I look forward to your feedback.

System Objective: a peaceful and healthy environment for my fishy friends

System Type: mixed reef

Display system:

Strike up date: April 2012

Display tank: 8’Lx3’Wx2’H (Dennison)

Display Lighting: 2 x Vertex Illumilux Marino Bianco 1200mm 50/50 royal blue – white

Stand: timber frame, cladded (black probably)

Hood: crown (cladded) around light fixture

Sump: 4’x2’x20”

Refugium: in sump

Rufugium Lighting: 120w LEDs

Support systems:

System water: NSW

Display water circulation: 3 x Vortech MP60WES

Return Pump: yet to be decided

Skimmer: currently skimz 252, but may upgrade shortly

Evaporation Top up: auto top up

Chemical Support:

Calcium: via Kamoer dosing pump

Alkalinity: via Kamoer dosing pump

Other Chemical Maintenance: N/A at present.

Current Water Chemistry: N/A at present.





Salinity / Specific Gravity:


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Nice work!

Given your experience, the size of the tank and the cash your dropping on it I recon it is going to look pretty sweet.

Are they illumagics your putting over the top?

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Still waiting for the sump to arrive, and the return pump should be in next week. I chose a Canadian made 10000/hr controllable pump. Absolute bargain at around $400, very similar to the $1000 ones around.

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Still waiting on the pump and sump. Sump should be in tomorrow and the return pump I'm told will be another month away. So I will be using an old 5000/hr pump that I have laying around, just so I can get it cycling.

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Ok so the sump came in and is ready for plumbing tomorrow. My chosen pump and reactors are still a few weeks away, so I will be using a spare pump so it can be cycling.


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