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How does the Brisbane auction work - first timer

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Could somebody explain to a virgin auction attendee how this Brisbane super auction operates? Do you register at the door? Is there a catalogue of livestock / items up for bidding? How can you pay - eg cash only? etc etc. :?:

I have the date marked on my calendar and have already got permission from my darling generous wife to attend. Can't wait. :D

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hi peter

i have only been to three and i am sure what i leave out someone else will fill in for you

people who are willing to sell there livestock/plants/tanks etc arrive there around 3pm... sort out there lots and hand them in

bidding starts at 4pm. There is no catalogue as no one knows what will be up for auction till the night. So you sit and watch and see if something that interests you pops up.

If something interests you, you simply raise your hand to bid. If you are the winning bidder a runner brings you the lot immediately and you pay them cash.


and i hope the times are correct :oops:


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Yeah that's it in a nutshell.

Check this link:


It goes along at a fast pace (as auctions do), and they generally don't muck around. Before you know it they're onto the next lot, so sometimes a case of "he who hesitates misses out".

They have a guy on the LitePro that throws up pictures from his laptop of each particular species, but sometimes he can't keep up so you don't always know what's up for sale.

One tip to remember is they'll often have 2 or 3 bags of the same species go thru in the one lot. So if you've made a bid but missed out, you usually get offered the 2nd or 3rd bags at the winning bid price, if the winner doesn't want them. :D

The other tip is take an esky or foam box just in case you do get something early. You might get something in the first hour but the auction usually goes all night, so good to have something insualted for any new purchases and you don't have to run home immediately with the new fish. They usually have someone that'll re-bag your purchase with O2, for $1, but I normally pack a bucket, some water conditioner and a portable air pump myself.

They also usually set up a snack bar, selling softdrinks, hotdogs and other food.

The best thing about the auction for me is meeting up with other enthusiasts, having a chat, putting names to the faces you've met online and getting some advice from experienced fishkeeprs.



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Silly question but it is our first auction too - do you actually get to see the fish first before the auction starts? Can you walk around for a bit and pick out the ones you like or do you get a pretty good view of them when they hold the fish up (if they do that???) :roll:

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No that's a good question! :lol:

Basically they stand up front on a stage and hold the fish up in their bags, give the name, description and will try to get a photo up on screen.

The auctioneers are quite knowledgeable and usually give a good description of their colouration, temperment and breeding tips.

You can go up to the stage and ask for a closer look but they'll keep going with the bidding in the meantime, so sometimes the fish are sold by the time you do that.

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Yes but don't be put off by that, not that bad. They have a lot of fish to get through so more a case of they don't muck about at all.

I'd guess each lot takes ~2 minutes on average. Sometimes much longer, sometimes much quicker.

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