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Aqua-One AquaStyle Tanks

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I am thinking about buying an Aqua-One Aquastyle 620T tank... it's the right dimensions for what i want. Does anyone have any experience with these tanks & could let me know any known pros & cons? I like the idea of the hood mounted biofilter & curved glass corners... any input here?

Also if any of the forum sponsors that stock these tanks could let me know a price that would be excellent :)


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Well I went & bought an AquaOne Aquastyle AR620T yesterday :D So here are my comments on it so far :P

PROS : the cabinet was very easy to put together... with a battery drill & phillips head bit it took me roughly an hour & i wasn't rushing.

the built-in hood filter seems like a good idea, very simple & easy to clean the media & elements.

the lights are very good for such small tubes!

the curved corners make the tank look bigger than it is & they also make my managuence look quite comical as it looks at me through the curved corners :P

CONS : the filter intake pipe could be more firmly connected to the power head... my managunce got angry & pulled it off & the impeller fell out n dropped into the tank! so the tank was without filtration overnight :(

those curved corners are gonna be a pain to clean when they algea up on the inside.

i should have some photos to show off in a week or so when i get it all settled :)

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G'day dem0n,

If it's the tank I think it is, it's not glass, but an acrylic tank. I used to have a 6 foot SunSun tank. These tanks are made in China, and you can find them with several different Brand names.

I realy liked the trickle filter in the hood. If you have the twin row pipe setup you can buy a U bend pipe so you can use just one in the tank pump and filter intake. Or you can setup two in the tank pumps and filter intakes, one at either end of the tank. I ended up with two filter pumps and two eheim pro 2228 filters on my tank.


However, the tank is acrylic so can be scratched very easily. Also the light fitings are poorly made and prone to cracking, and the balasts for the lights are not of good quality and have a limited life span. Finally, watch out for the wiring, I ended being eletricuted turning the switch on one morning.

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hi briztoon,

although also made in China this AquaOne tank is curved glass... or so the website says & if it's acrylic it's damn heavy acrylic! :P

the model i got (AR620T) isn't very big but it is quite tall... 60cm wide x 72cm high. i had a go with a magnetic algae cleaner on it last night & sure enough when you try & do the curved corners the inside part of the magnetic cleaner comes away from the glass. :/

another minro con with it is the feeder holes provided in the hood arn't large enough for me to put my arm in to move something in the bottom of the tank so i have to pretty much take the whole hood off to re-arrange the furniture in there :P also the heater needs to be fully submersible as the hood completely covers the top of the tank... though that isn't really a problem for me atm.

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Dont worry they are glass Tanks

I sell a few of them and I quite like that model

The easiest way to clean the glass is to use a WhiteMagic

I sell them but they are also found in alot of hardware stores

They are used in cleaning absolutely everything from bathrooms to washing up

No soaps either

The hood will come apart from the filtration setup though but I am sure U already knew that

Great size tank for a 2ft'r though


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