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Hi there all, I am another new person, from Nambour, Sunshine Coast. I have just been given some Robertsoni's they seem very placid and wonder what else i could put with them in community tank, suggestions welcome.


Also i have another tank with a pair Johannii???? (not sure how to spell) wonder what will live with these, they seem pretty agressive. Thanks

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hey mate, johnii? as in african? i'd rather put other africans in there. "I was thinking, Lombardi, red zebra, malawi golden, but not sure if that would work!!!" should be fine all pretty agressive zebras could certainly handle it and malawi golden? i'm seen them listed as auratus if they are their certainly tough very aggesive towards their own. maybe just add all your new fish at once and even move any rockwork you have around should stop to many problems.



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