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FS: 1400lph SunSun Canister (HW-303) / Unknown Internal

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Hey guys,

Have the following for sale as they're just taking up space now and are no longer needed..

SunSun HW303 Canister - $40.00

- Comes with everything you need to go. Piping, Media, Spraybar/Intake, etc.

- 3 Stage Filtration, UV (Apparently), 1400lph, 2m Head-height, On-Off Switch.

- Comes with all spare parts as originally boxed. Different sized suction clamps, spraybar addons, surface skimmer for intake, etc.

- Comes with BioBalls and Gutterguard.


Approximately a year old, haven't had any issues with it. One of the handles has a bend mark in the plastic but it doesn't appear close to breaking or affect it in any way - maybe just be gentle on it. Decent canister if you cut up some mechanical pads and stick some quality media in there.



Spraybar, Intake, and all of the spare parts, as well as the manual.

Unknown Internal Power-Filter - $5.00

- Estimated 600-800lph (it pushes water pretty well).

- Comes with standard filter sponge. Will fit 100gm Purigen bags.


My Location: Up whoop-whoop in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, just off the highway.

Contact: Reply, PM, or Phone/SMS 0421 187 453

Delivery?: When I'm down next - $5 Northern Suburbs, $10 Southern Suburbs. PM me if you're interested and we can sort something out.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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