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FS: 4ft x 15in x 18in tank, colonial cabinet and hood, other bits and pieces

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48"L x 15"W x 18"H, pine cabinet and hood (cabinet and hood are varnished)

Jager 150 heater

Aquaone Nautilis 1100 external filter

Aquaone Moray 320 internal filter

Aquaone duel tube 3ft light

Jewel 3d background

Approx 3ft flexible air stone, air pump

Lots of gravel - just the standard aquarium stuff - browns, whites and black colours, ranging from 2mm to about 6mm in size

PRICE: $250

LOCATION: Forest Lake



CONDITIONS: good - small 3mm scratch in pretty much the center of the front, but not really noticeable. Filters, light and heater ~5mths old, heater has only been used the last couple of weeks. Will also put in another 3ft single tube light if you want it.

I tried selling this back in Nov last year and as mentioned in that thread, it had been empty for approx 10 yrs. It's held water fine since then and has a bunch of newer stuff :)



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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