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What the hell is this ?????????

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Problem:- Some sort of parasite

Ph:- 8.6

Ammonia:- 0.0

Nitrate:- 5.0

Nitrite:- 0.0



Size of tank:- 8 x 2 x 1

Temperature °C:- 27

Been running for:- 18 months

Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Sump

Fish in tank:- Africans. Flame backs, red zebras, cobolt blues, red empress.

Plants in Tank:- n/a

Feeding:- Spectrum daily. Blood worm once a week if i remember. Then skip a day once a week.

Recent Medication Treatments:- n/a

Last water change:- last weekend

Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly:- Forynightly

There seems to be some sort of parasite that has found its way into my tank.

It showed up on a flameback but now has showed up on a tazania.

They start out like a little white dot then they get longer like little white worm thing.

I really want to get this sorted as soon as possible.


The photo is of the flame back. It is no longer with us. But i dont want it to take hold and have more fish in the freezer. I have put the tazania in a seperate tank but obviously i will have to treat the whole tank.

Any help would be great.

Thanks John.

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ok firstly I would stop the bloodworm, instead use mysis or brine or krill.

Strangely that fish looks like it has a magnified version of columnaris on it.

I would hit the tank with a med containing acriflavine (multicure is usually cheapest/easiest)

and try keep temperature below 25deg C

some salt would not hurt either

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Thanks for the reply donny.

Well no more blood worm then.

I will go to the shop tomorrow and see what they have there.

Salt wise 1 tablespoon per 20 litres be enough ??

Just want this sorted the best way possible and to make sure I'm doing it right.


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yea africans have trouble digesting the haemoglobin in bloodworms too.

that salt dose may be enough, but remember the salt is just a secondary

get some acriflavine or something similar in there.

multicure and bactonex would both be alrite options

if my guess is right

tricky to pick from a single pic

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I have actually seen something that looks just like this. Was wracking my brain trying to remember where. It was on a goldfish and ended up being a monogenetic trematode worm. But we only discovered that after losing half the fish in the pond, and then getting lucky with having a aquaculture mate who could ID it under a microscope.

Forget how we wiped the bugger out tho.

Altho I was pretty quick to hit things with fmc in those days

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Well i rung LFS today and will be getting something with acriflavine in it. I cant remember what it is called.

Cause I am working out of town at the moment and cant get back before they shut. So will be getting it picked up tomorrow for me so i can treat tomorrow night.

I have turned my heaters down to 25 and will check further directions on the bottle.

So hopefully after treatment i can say it is gone. Will see how i go.

Thanks for your help guys.


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Fungal Infections


Symptoms: White or cotton-like substance concentrated mainly on s****es, surface injuries, fins or mouth.

Treatment: Treatment of fungal infections is relatively easy. There are a great many commercially available products for this, including MarOxy by Mardel Laboratories and Super Sulfa* by Aquatronics.

Information: This is a very common disorder which infects all kinds of tropical fish. It is intensified greatly with fish having damaged fins or cuts and s****es. It is also much more likely in poor water conditions in which there are unacceptable levels of ammonia or nitrites. Fungal infections are also a sign of bullying by other fish. Fin nippers will damage the fins of other fish making them more susceptible to fungal infections and external bacterial infections such as fin and tail rot.


I think a close up shot or more info would really help


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Well i got ick yesterday cause its got the acriflavinein it but just waiting for temps to raise before i dose.

Should be in before i go to sleep tonight.

So hopefully have some results by the end of the weekend.


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