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FS: Setups

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hay all i have for sale

setup one

4ft tank (no lids can get lids cut if need)

Breeding conoly of common BN 2 large males and 5 large females all breed regularly and about

25 2-3 cm BN fry and hunders of freshly released fry (breed once a monthe every month)

and heaps of plants (growing like crazy)

gravel with heaps of sustrate through it (mix of clay i think plants love it lol)

300w heater

eheim (440 LPH)

aqua world light double (globe 1 grow light one normal)

setup 2

4ft tank with lids and stand

4 albino bn one defferently male

1 angle fish

1 indian gourime

aqua world light double (globe 1 grow light one normal)

300w aqua world heater

1 aquaone 1200 canister filter

plus a few plants

setup 3

2ft tank with lids

heaps of guppies (always breeding)

hasse canister filter

will only sale as setups will not brake up must pay up front

open to offers will consider deal if u take the lot

can send photo by email only

cheers matty

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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