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hi everyone,

great to see so many fancy goldfish fans in 1 place. my name is michael, im new here, ive been keeping and breeding fish for about 11years, at fish it was due to my job ( freshwater aquaculture) then it got in my blood. currently i mostly keep goldfish:




crowned pearlscale



i will add some pictures shortly.i look forward to chatting with you guys and swapping ideas.

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Not currently breeding anything :) have scaled back a lot in the last year, it's kind of nice not to have so much to deal with.. I have mostly Ranchu but also have ryukin and a super duper Oranda that I'm holding a lot of hope to grow into something awesome:)

Oh wait I have a pair of pure...ish (I guess) endlers that give between 2 and 4 fry each 3 or so weeks :) pretty large scale huh. I also have a couple flowerhorns and a low tech planted tank full of shrimp. That all being said I live with my wife and her family and everybody here has tanks so there is a bit of everything spread about the house.

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Hello fancygoldfish!!!

Welcome to QLDAF from us on the Mod and Admin team :D

Very glad to have another goldfish lover on board. Your fish look nice and fat! You'll have to look up some of our member Goldenswimmers fish, he's had some beauties!

Anyway just to get it out the way, we ask our new members to have a read over the http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/general-forum-rules-58881/ & http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-trader-15/trading-section-guidelines-44449/ they dont take long!

So what do you keep your goldies in? Ponds or tanks or what?

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