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Noisy Eheim 2260!

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Looking to hear from people who have owned a Eheim 2260. I have just bought a brand new one and it is considerably louder than I thought it wold be. I am 99% sure that I have got all the air out (rocked canister back and forth) and it still omits a permanent humming noise. The filter itself seems to be working fine, pumping water like a champ but jeez the sound is irretating. Cheers in advance.

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ya problem is likely that ya filled it with water like that.

the first time ya set it up

ya want it dry and unplugged.

the way I usually do it.

1) suck on intake to start water syphoning in

2) wait until cannister totally fills

3) plug it in.

later on, its even easier

when you remove to clean

ya turn off the taps

this traps water in the intake and output hoses.

so.... when you go to put the EMPTY AND UNPLUGGED cannister back for cleaning

you empty the water trapped in the output hose into a bucket

that way that hose is empty (ya need the very end, usually the spraybar, out of the water to do this.)

so ya connect the empty output hose to the filter

then ya connect the FULL intake hose to the filter, and turn the taps

the water from the full intake hose should start the syphon

wait until the cannister is totally full of water

and then plug it back in.

lot of words to describe something so simple

but hope I managed to do so.

Its almost definitely some air trapped in the impellor well, that is making it noisy.

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I run two of them on my 8x2x2 and while mine are certainly not silent they are very quiet for such a big filter. The only noise I have is a very slight humming from the pumps.

Our house is so quiet you can hear a gecko fart from 20 ft away, and this tank sits on the other side of the wall to our bedroom and we can't hear the tank when we go to bed. Follow DFF's advice and you should be enjoying the serenity in no time :)

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