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FS: 4x2x2 Marine Tank

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Hey guys,

I have upgraded to a 5x2x2 so my previous 4x2x2 is for sale. You can check it out when it was setup here: Reefing The Australian Way Forums • View topic - My 4x2x2 [NOW SHUTDOWN]

I have taken a lot of the equipment to the new tank, so this is what you get:

- 4x2x2 Tank (some scratches, but not big visible ones. Usual ones from tangs eating algae etc.)

- Stand

- Canopy (big open up top, good for lights. Front pannel is a bit warped and sticks open a bit)

- Another hood, wont work for MH's or really T5's. But its free in case you want LED's

- Both hoods come with 2 T8 light fittings in the hood

- 3ft sump with 3 chambers

- All plumbing (bean animal overflow. all with ball valves)

- 2 Boyu Wavemakers with controller. Have only been able to get one to work at a time, so basically Im chucking this in for free

- 4ft Light fitting - 2 250w MH's, 4 T5's (incs 4 old tubes), 2 LED Moonlights. Have not used the MH's before, but make buzzing noise, so assuming they work.

Price: $550

Also I have a chiller suitable for this size tank. Never used it cause I'm running LED's and im in toowoomba :)

Price: $150 OR $100 if bought with the tank

It has been taken down, and just need to clean the tank and sump. Im stripping the black off the back of the tank because it had started comen off. Im happy to re spray black, or leave it for you to put another colour on.

Pick up from Toowoomba




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This would also make a great freshwater tank.

If thats the case I can chuck in a decent amount of extra stuff like bio balls and matrix, some foam, for the sump. And other stuff I might have lying around.

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