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FS back to nature L catfish book

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Good book and highly recommended for someone getting into L's - Nice price too. Should have been sold by now.

Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes

Title: Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes

Author: Ingo Seidel

Publishing year: 2008

Number of pages: 208

Format: 170x240 mm.

Hardcover: Yes

Number of color photos: More than 640

Chapters: What are L-number catfishes?, What should I bear in mind when buying loricariid catfishes?, How can I tell the sexes apart?, What is the natural habitat of these fishes like?, How are these fishes collected and how do they reach us?, What points are important for maintenance in the aquarium?, How can I feed these catfishes correctly?, What are the commonest diseases of L-number catfishes?, How do L-number catfishes breed in their natural habitat?, How can I breed these catfishes in the aquarium?, What will I require for the rearing of loricariid catfishes?

Genus descriptions: 38 different genera are described according to the following criteria – number of described species, characters, sexual dimorphism, distribution, diet, maintenance in the aquarium.

Species descriptions: App. 390 species (nearly all that are available in the trade) + photos on colour varieties. Each species is described with photo/photos, scientific name, L-number, difficulty to maintain, maximum total length, minimum length of the aquarium, diet, suitable temperature, suitable pH, current water necessary or not, demand of wood etc..


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