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FS:3 tier setup

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starting to sell off some more of my tanks. First up is a 3 tier setup. Super strong and heavy metal stand that could use with a respray. Top level has a 6x18x18 with 2 25mm bulkheads and strainers. Middle and bottom levels have 2 3x18x20s with 40mm bulkheads and stainless strainers. 2 of the 3 footers had a small leak, i have fixed one by removing all silicon from the inside of the tank and re-siliconing 20mm strips of glass around every corner. Isnt the prettiest but once you have gravel and water in there its not that noticeable. Will be fixing the other one the same way on the easter break or can reduce the price if you want to do it yourself.

6 footer is only 6 months old. Will include and 4500 litre and hour resun pump and any other plumbing i used with it. Also 2 300watt tronic heaters, about 40kg of coffs harbour gravel, about 10-20kg of 2mm crushed coral. Plus whatever else i got lying around like rocks and stuff. Will need a new sheet of ply under the 6 footer also.

Looking for $700 or $650 if you want to fix the other 3 footer yourself.

Can send photos via text message if required.


Ronny 0434149659

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just cleaned out my other system and decided i need the coffs gravel. setup however will include approx 60-80kg of 2mm crushed coral now. perfect if setting it up for africans.

sooner its gone the better. will consider splitting if enough parties are interested

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If i split this is the breakdown of prices.

Stand $150 (couldnt buy the steel for that)

6 footer would be on hold for chris

2 good 3 footers $65ea

repaired 3 footer $50 All 3 footers come with 40mm bulkhead and stainless strainers

Leaking 3 footer $30

2x20x18 sump tank no media $20

Approx 25L of coral bones $20

Approx 80kg 2mm crushed coral ( has a little brown gravel for effect ) $80

10 medium sized pieces of coral, was live rock in my old salt setup, 15cm+ in size $20

2 barrow loads of assorted rocks $50

Resun 4500l/h pump plus a few taps piping elbows etc. $60

300w heaters $10ea 4 or 5 avail

Prob some more but wont know till i clean everything up

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Well seeing as no one is interested in the lot the set up WILL be split up. All that is on hold at the moment are the 6 foot tank and the stand rest is all avail. Sooner its gone the better

Heaters have been sold

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whats left:

Bugger load of assorted rocks $40

Approx 80kg if not more of 2mm coral gravel $70

Approx 10litres of large aquaclay balls in bag brand new $15

Leaking 3 footer $30 with bulkhead etc

1 40mm bulkhead and stainless strainer $5

Approx 8 to 10kg of 1mm pellets $50

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Open to trade offers. Am looking for female black belt 20cm+, Male synspillum 20-25cm, festae or dovii fry, 10 peppermint fry. 6x2 drilled tank, algae discs or cannister filters

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