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Sacem Marathon 2000

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I've found it to be not a bad filter at all, easy set up and lots of pump power. Barrel is also huge so large volume of media can be used.

I've had mine for over a year and no dramas, and also a Marathon 1000 for close to 10 years and all that's needed is a new impeller last year.

Only bad points - the clips break easily so you'll need a supply of spare ones, and the tap fittings really need some extra hose clamps fitted as I found them to come off too easily.

Plus the basket setup they come with is dodgy IMO, but see my post here on that:


Lots of people use the baskets but you can get full use of the filter's volume this way.

Nice big filter that does the job nicely. :wink:

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Thanks for the response gtr73. Are the taps adjustable? ie Are they fixed in the upright position? Are they easy to remove from the cannister?

Had a read of your mod thread. Did you run the 2000 with the baskets before you modified it?

I must admit I am a bit concerned about the clips and clamps points you raised, but it seems you're happy with yours in spite of this.

Thanks again

Anybody else using them at the moment??

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i am using 1, bought in Jan. no modification and am happy with it. the only down size is it has no self priming which mean u need to suck it to start it :lol::lol: but u can also use other trick to avoid the sucking.


cheers :wink:

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Are the taps adjustable? Yes

Are the taps fixed in the upright position? You attach a short piece of hose from the outlet/inlet on the canister to the tap, then hose to/from the tank. So the taps are basically inline taps along the hoses.

Are the taps easy to remove from the cannister? Yes, just screw straight off.

I just used the common metal hose clamps from a hardware, that need a screwdriver to tighten, to better secure the hoses to the taps.

Yeah the clips are a bit of a downfall, but no drama as the seller threw in a few spares, easy to replace and cheap anyway.

And yes, I ran the 2000 with the baskets before I modified it. It ran ok but when I noticed my Marathon 1000 probably had just as much media volume as the 2000 with the baskets, I decided to use the divider.

I've heard some people say their Marathon 2000 came with an optional divider anyway, so maybe Sacem decided to throw one in now?

I've never had a problem with priming, I just siphon the hose via the tap, close it off before water comes out, then attach to the canister. No drama.

Another feature, both a good and bad thing, is the O-ring seal. It seals the canister up beautifully so no leaking (unlike some cheap canisters around), but can be a bugger to put on if you don't know how - trick is to put it on the head-unit first, then fit to the barrel.

Sure there's other options, but only one I liked with similar volume capacity and a similar reputation of reliability was the Otto canister, but I haven't seen them around for a while.

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I know i am dredging a old post here but what is the go after installing the divider do you still use the baskets or do away with them alltogether??

I have a smaller one of these with baskets and it has the bits to fit a divider and would like to give it a go as mine seems to bypass more than it filters.

I have thought of attaching the top basket to the lid with cable ties because they dont seem to be a positive fit and getting the oring and lid on is a big enough job.

I also have a aqua nova which is just a joy to use in comparison lid on lid off 60secs no swearing and it flows really well for a $100 filter. :D

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ok i bit me tongue for a while

these filters suck

the clips on the side are fragile the little locating pin is tiny and if your out a bit lid wont lock down

the O ring moves and makes life difficult and if you dont line it up right have to start again and if your a bit ham fisted youll break the barrel part trying to lock down the top

Not selfpriming and some dont have the quick release taps

Good pump/filter for water volume and dammn reliable when done properlly, will run for years and years and nice and quiet.

My 2 cents peter

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yer pete i do agree with most of what you have said but mate the last bit in my opinion is the most important,

i set mine up between 6mths-1yr ago i still have not had to open it to clean it the water pressure has not dropped it runs quiet as and just keeps going if the tank and everything is working right i dont have to do substrate cleans very ofter maybe 2 or 3 in that time and a few extra water changes and substrate is sand in that tank and it has a hell of a lot of fish in the tank as well i have only ever had one prob in this tank and that was a ph drop but i fixed that really quick with a couple of really big bits of coral .

so in my opinion i dont see the prob with the filter yes there are easier and better filters out there but at the end of the day if i have to open and clean the filter once a year or so i will put up with the oring issue and all you have to do is not rush it just take your time .

you should know that peter that anything worth doing is worth doing slow or are you a one minute wonder :lol::lol::lol: joking mate

so i think they are still good filters and still worht being used just for reliability if nothing else and queitness and they do filter well

just my 2 cents


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I missed a few responses to this old post . . .

Just for info, I took my baskets out completely - I reckon they're useless because I could see there'd be too much water bypass in and around gaps between each basket plus the baskets don't even fill the barrel itself completely. So you have about half an inch around the outside of the basket that isn't utilised with media. That's the whole idea of the divider - to get rid of those baskets and use my own media. Mine's half filled with ceramic noodles, so that alone is about 5 litres volume of biological filtering. Not bad capacity for an external filter!

As for the o-ring there's a simple trick to it - you just place it on the power head first, rather than in the barrel. It goes together easy-peasy if you do it this way.

This filter is actually an old design that's been around for at least 20 years, one of the first external cansiters I think. So there's no self-priming or any other enhancements like latest filters on the market. It's just a simple and reliable filter that has a large volume and work rate that requires very little maintenance once set up.

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