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Seachem products in food

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Was reading a topic regarding it today actually. Basically the gist of it was that if you're feeding a good quality food like Spectrum, it's already going to be well enriched with various vitamins and other beneficial elements that it's not necessary.

If you're adding vits to a feed do you really know what levels you are providing them with, and as it is a blanket approach you will almost inevitably end up giving them too much of one type or another, even if you are careful.

As you say - just buy decent pellets to begin with - not just with NLS, but ANY high quality vitamin and mineral rich food does not need the addition of extra vitamins. If it does then it isn't doing its job. The whole point in the development of these types of feeds is that as the sole diet they are scientifically balanced to meet the entire dietary need.

Hope this second hand information helps in some way.

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Thanks Ryan.

Just having some trouble breeding some of my tang cichlids, i know the breeder that i got them from was adding a seachem product into the food, fairly sure it was trace elements. I've had the fish for awhile now and they don't seem to be doing it yet :hare:

Maybe need some more time and live food.



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