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Hey guys,

Just wanting some advice on filtration.

Here's the situation:

5ft (270L)

1200L/H External Canister

1800 L/H Internal

2 x 200L/H (guess) sponges

8 x capacity is 2150L

Total filtration per hour is >3000L/H

3ft (120L)

800L/H External Canister

1 x sponge

8 x capacity is 1000L/H

Total Filtration per hour is <1000L/H

My question is, is the 5ft being filtered adequately? Whats the disadvantages of running an internal and with the 3ft am I right to go and buy a 1400L/H canister and run both the 800 and the 1400??

Thanks guys,

Sorry if it's confusing

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A 3ft overstocked with Malawians.... Could have a problem, especially with the bigger species such as E.blues. Tank really isn't big enough.

It would be big enough if it was (maybe) slightly overstocked with mbuna species.

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4ft would be better. IMO in a 3ft tank with that list of stock you may encounter problems. The fishes growth will stunt if they stay in that size tank.

A 3ft is a good size for an mbuna breeding colony though.

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Haha I'll look into the colony once I

Upgrade the tank. Also what are the disadvantages of a power head compared to a canister as you can get some crazy output power heads

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