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upcoming 2012 breeding season

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Im currently growing out ranchu,ryukin and some ranchu throwback(super orandas :))with dorsals....have upgraded ryukin stock and moved along old breeders to concentrate on younger and hopefully better "fingers crossed" bloodlines(hopefully all ranchu are thai stock now and no chinese genetics to cross with but almost impossible to follow unless you are dealing with the overseas suppliers/breeders personally)..so its alot of trial and error with the fry....and will concentrate on some top view ranchu as im waiting for current stock to age before I have a go at top view ranchu and possibly crossing top view genetics with side view for better cheek growth and possibly even better curvature in the spine...this will be my aim come september..and am keen as mustard to work with these guys...also slowly building the oranda collection back up to work with in the future and might use some of the dorsal finned ranchu offspring to increase head growth and shorten tail(pretty sure the thai guys have done similar looking at their short tailed oranda with all over headgrowth)...so another exciting project there...might have a crack at pearlscale...and am keen to work with colours such as my black ranchu crossed with top view genetics and also blue x black genetics and others .....never ends :) and still getting eggs...the warmer weather up here means they breed more often but more inconsistently...water changes/extra feeding can induce spawning...but a period of "cooling down"(similar to a winter spell) always produces a larger,stronger spawn afterwards I've noticed :)

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